Vicerrectora del Campus de Palencia, Amalia Rodríguez GonzálezVice-Rector of the Palencia Campus, Amalia Rodríguez González

Greetings from the Vice-Rector of the Palencia Campus

From the Palencia Campus of the University of Valladolid, welcome to all those who want to get to know us; that come to know our degrees and our centres: the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering, the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Labour Studies, and our research structures such as the University Forestry Institute (iuFor), the Chair of Gender Studies or the Mycology Chair.
The commitment to our environment, our city and province, as well as university excellence characterize us, as is amply demonstrated by the teaching and research trajectory – national and international benchmarks in various areas – of our teachers. We are committed to quality teaching and research, always remembering that investment in research more than pays off in the society ultimately served by our University. We are also committed to an internationalized university and we strive for the virtualization of our studies. We are concerned about the employability of our students, so being aware that internships in companies are a solid bridge to recruitment in the labour market, we seek the continuous increase of agreements with companies.
We are an inclusive campus that is open to society and that bets on diversity, being aware that we must make our work more visible. For all these reasons, I would like to invite you to come and visit us and to the youngest, I encourage you to come and study with us.
¿Necesitas ayuda?
¿Necesitas ayuda?
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